Eyelash extensions are faux/man-made lashes that are placed
on the natural eyelashes with semi-permanent glue, these lashes are applied meticulously
with proper equipment including certain tweezers that are specially designed and
other necessary tools such as eye pads to prevent any harm initially to the
bottom lashes or the eyes.  Eyelash
extensions are for permeant and rather than sticking on false lashes extensions
appear much more natural (depending on which type and style) and pleasing.

Everyone has a different eyelash cycle however the
recommended time period is to come back for refills is every 2 weeks or monthly
refills depending on the customer. However after 3 refills it is highly
recommended to completely remove your current set and ask for a new set, as
refills are used to fill in any gaps whereas, asking for a new set ensures your
natural lashes are clean and that looking they’re best.

You will not need to constantly apply mascara

Allow your eyes to stand out

Do not leave glue clumps unlike false strip lashes

You can choose the type of lashes used e.g. the length, curl size, style (natural/classic, volume, Russian volume etc.)

Water resistant

They feel completely comfortable and lightweight

Absolutely not, they
aren’t applied to the eyelid nor the skin at all, extensions must be kept at a
distance of 0.5mm-0.1mm from the skin. Unlike false strip lashes due to irritation
and other serious damage it will cause specially near the eye which is an
extremely sensitive part of the body

Yes, we also provide
a range of different colours even ones with glitter that may be used in any
style requested. Many customers request a couple lashes in their set to be
different colours for the aesthetic of it which we provide.

Avoiding wearing mascara even though before applying the false lashes your natural lashes are deeply cleaned

Do not use an eyelash curler within 24 hours of your appointment

Do not perm your lashes prior the appointment to avoid a bad perm

Remove contacts

Come with ideas, show us an image from our Instagram of what you would like

Use the bathroom as it does take anywhere from 1-3 hours to fully apply the lashes (depends on what style is requested)

Eyelash extensions are an amazing solution for anyone who has pale/ blonde lashes, however if you are someone with long pale lashes we recommend a lash lift which enchases your natural lashes and adds more curl, length and colour. Eyelash extensions are still a great method and will look just as good as someone with naturally dark lashes.

Yes, however to prevent the lashes falling out and to make sure the glue is completely dry avoid going swimming getting them wet for 24-48 hours just in case.

Yes you can wear contacts/glasses after getting extensions
however once at the appointment its best to take out your contacts so that
you’re more comfortable.

Once you’ve taken off
fake strip on lashes most of the time they leave clumps of glue on your eyes
especially on the lash line.  This may
cause irritant to the eyes, skin, and mucous membranes on a cellular level. To
fix this simply pick the best make-up remover/cleanser oil for your skin, it is
highly recommended to choose oil-based products as they are most affective and
powerful for example: Naturel Cleansing Oil or any that works for you. Use your
chosen product with a Q-tip and gently massage the eyes for a couple minutes.
Then wash the eyes with water and if there is still left over glue residue left
using make up wipes gently wipe.

Eyelash extensions are a process using semi-permanent fake lashes on the natural
eyelashes, however a lash lift does not include false lashes and are much
simpler as they enhance the colour, length and curl of the natural lashes,
rather than gluing false lashes. Many prefer lash lifts over extensions as it
is simply more affordable to some and does not need refills unlike extensions.
Lash lifts are often referred to or thought of as a perm for eyelashes

Refills are needed usually from 2-3 weeks after your appointment, they cost less than
applying a whole new set and are used to cover any gaps in the eyelashes as
some would have fallen out over a period of time. Refills make sure you’re
looking your best and your lashes are full and consistent.

Once you’ve applied eyelash extensions you do not need to apply mascara nor is it good to use with extensions, it will damage the glue and and the whole process.
Eyelash extensions do not need any further make-up products at all. Only brush through your lashes with a clean spoolie which will provide for you once you are done with your appointment.

Here is Sophia Beauty we provide a range of different styles, curl sizes, lengths etc. Including classic, volume and hybrid which all section into different branches themselves. Once at your appointment your eyelash tech will go through
the different types of styles in which you are then able to determine what is best for you. The choice really depends on you, how long/thick are your natural lashes? Would you like something natural or full? Are you comfortable with
certain styles?

Applying eyelash extensions is extremely safe, it is pain free and not hard to look after. There manageable and will not cause the eye any issues as they are applied to the natural eyelashes rather than the skin (unlike false strip lashes). Some people may be allergic to the glue however there is a different option for them to use a different type of glue (make sure to request this prior your appointment) which will not affect the results at all. Overall eyelash extensions are very safe and an amazing way to not only look your best but feel great

After applying eyelash extensions on repeat without a break your natural lashes will fall out and feel weaker as they have been holding the weight of the fake lashes. We provide one the best sellers and most affective eyelash serums such as the Uklash serums. We also provide the Uklash Volume Boost Mascara which includes vitamin E&B5. These products will help strengthen your lashes and allow them to look long and healthy once taking a break from eyelash extensions.