Sophia Beauty Co Booking Terms and Conditions

Booking Terms and Conditions
* To secure your booking, we require a $30 non-refundable deposit for each service booked. We do not consider any booking confirmed until the deposit is paid.
* Please note that the $30 deposit is strictly non-refundable.
* We require at least 24 hour notice for cancellations and rescheduling appointments. Failure to do so will result in the loss of your deposit.
Arriving late
* Please arrive on time to your scheduled appointment. Arriving late may result in your allocated time being reduced or you may not be able to get a service that you booked for.
* If late more than 15 minutes, you will need to reschedule your appointment. This will result in the loss of your deposit

1. Deposit

A $30 deposit is required to secure your booking. Please note the deposit is no refundable if you do not show up to an appointment or cancel/reschedule within 24 hours. An appointment is only confirmed once the deposit has been paid – until the deposit is received, we reserve the right to give the requested slot to someone else.

2. Cancellation / rescheduling

We pride ourselves in giving our clients the best customer service.

Cancelation and rescheduling are accepted up to 24 hours before scheduled appointments. All appointment cancellations must be made & confirmed via telephone. Appointment cancellations through text or email are not accepted. If cancelations or rescheduling is made within 24 hours, the initial deposit becomes non refundable.

No shows automatically forfeit their deposit and we will no longer book no-show customers in.

3. Late arrivals

We ask that our clients to arrive promptly for their appointments to ensure sufficient time for quality results. While there is no fee for late arrivals, the length of the appointment may be reduced due to time restraints.
However, deposit will not be refundable even if the appointment is cancelled due to late arrival.

4. Refills

Sophia Beauty Co does not perform refills on anyone else’s work. However, we offer refills if you really want and have a specific reason. But as we need more time to arrange your previous lashes, we charge $15 extra. The following may determine that you are not suitable to have Eyelash Extensions:

-Allergic/ sensitive to adhesives, glues, tapes, band aids, etc.
-Chemotherapy Treatments within the last 6 months
-Eye Surgery less than 6 months
-Extremely oily skin or hair (Extensions won’t last as long)
-Pregnancy ( especially in 3rd trimester)
-Eye Infection/Irritation
Please be in contact prior to making a booking if any of the above relate to you.

5. Dissatisfaction / Refund

If, for any reason you experience any issue or problem with a treatment, we are happy to give you a complimentary follow-up consultation, and then attempt to remedy the issue (which may or may not be a complimentary service, depending on the nature of the situation) however, you must contact us with three (3) working days of your appointment and for us to do so. We are very, very happy to help you, but please request our assistance within a reasonable timeframe, to allow us to to properly assess the treatment outcome. No Refunds are offered. Your payment covers products used and the time and experience of your lash artist. Please remember having doctor certificate is essential. 

In the instance of an allergic reaction, we will offer complimentary removal.

* For any reason you change your mind your deposit is not refundable

* If booking cancelled as of Lockdown your deposit is Not Refundable and you can reschedule or you may request store credit (T&C) subject to approval 

6. Technician/ Therapist Booking

We will always endeavour to ensure that when you book a specific therapist, they are available for your treatment. We know first-hand that it’s possible to fall in love with your lash therapist and not want anyone else near your precious lashes! However, very occasionally, something happens (i.e. illness) that makes this not possible. In this case, another therapist will be available so as not to interrupt your schedule. Therefore, although we will try as much as is possible, we cannot guarantee a particular therapist at all times. Please be assured that all of our technicians are excellent at lashes, all having a minimum of 1 year experience and we are confident you will be happy whomever you see at Sophia beauty Co.